Cottage cheese

Many of my friends have encouraged me to try to incorporate cottage cheese into my diet, and their encouragement is met by a face of disgust.  While I appreciate the many nutritional values of cottage cheese, I somehow have not been able to stomach it.  I have tried so many different ways to disguise the taste… pineapple… berries… to no avail.

However, I have been reading a lot lately about the nutritional value of  cinnamon.  I have made a conscious effort to use cinnamon in my diet (coffee), and yes, you guessed it, cottage cheese.  The other day, I bought a container of 1% low fat clover cottage cheese, added some (ok, maybe a lot) of cinnamon and cut up a green apple.  I threw it all together in a bowl, and…the result:  cottage cheese disguise success (not to mention pure deliciousness).



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