Windy Hill

I fell in love with trail running at Windy hill open space preserve.  The first time I went, I could barely make it up a quarter of the way without hyperventilating and walking, but I was hooked.  In retrospect, I think that it was more challenging than any physical activity I ever attempted.  Yet, I knew that if I worked hard enough, I could achieve my goal: to run to the top by the end of the summer.  Over time, my goals have progressed, but I have come to realize that running the trails is a metaphor for the challenges I face in life with many ups and downs.  At times, I want to throw my hands up and cry hysterically, overwhelmed by the endless hills, fighting every step of the way.  Other times, I breathe, lean in, accept and focus at the task at hand.  And other times I am overly focused on finishing, I lose sight of the here and now… the animals on the trail… the falling leaves.  Ultimately, trail running has taught me that life is about balance.

Hamms Gulch (the back of Windy Hill)

Windy Hill:


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